Women Empowerment in India 2017

It is indeed a pleasure to tell you all that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood through the nine days of Navratri. I thank Upasana for introducing me. I loved her blog on the prompt today: ‘Being a Woman in India, 2017’. I would take the opportunity to introduce Akshaya. You can see her take on the prompt for today here.

 ‘Ghar chalana aur bahar ke kaam gudde gudiye ka khel nahi hai’ ( running a household and managing office is not an easy job) this was something, my mother always used to tell me whenever I wasn’t studying or doing what was told. But I always use to look upon her, often wondering how she managed to balance work and home. Being inspired by her and imitating (sometimes) the life, I grew up as a career cum homemaker women of today.
As I look back, I feel women today are more aware of the need to be independent. Independence here doesn’t mean monetary or staying out at night.But it is the true sense of ‘the word’. However, I still find myself juggling between all. Women are now venturing in almost every areas that were a forte of ‘men only’ previously.
And I must say they are very successful (well the recent Bollywood tussle is worth a mention here).
But what does the term ‘women empowerment’ really mean?

Women Empowerment walking along the men and not behind them.

Empowerment is often confused with when a woman steps out of her house for work. It is a bigger thing with letting her take her own decisions. And a society within which she can take her own decisions, notwithstanding political, social, economic, etc. Making a lead. And not being a follower.

Women these days are marking their fleet in most of the spheres earlier considered a solo territory of men.

So, this is our time. Time to rise up and look forward.

If you echo my thoughts. A female who works hard to live an independent and career-oriented life. Then you too are empowered women, for sure.

#BeingwomaninIndia2017 #womanempowerment

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8 thoughts on “Women Empowerment in India 2017”

  1. You are abolutely right about empowerment. When a women gets freedom to practice her rights, that’s when she is actually empowered. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Very rightly said. Managing home and a personal goal is not easy. I realise this more so after having a baby. And most of all I gained so much respect for all the older women in our family and circle as to how wonderfully they managed everything.

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