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I’m happy to be a part of #9daysofwomanhood celebration of Navratri along with 23 other bloggers. I thank Upasana for introducing me. The prompt for today is ‘My Pregnancy‘. You can see her blog for today here.

I would also take the opportunity here to introduce Akshaya of “newgirlintoronto”, you can check her blog on today’s prompt. I love her blogs.

I still remember the day when that pregnancy strip showed positive. Well, some of you might find it gross but I have still kept it (though the double red line is gone 🙁 ). Like a happy child, I joined all possible available forums (for pregnancy), downloaded all the apps, bought supporting pillows, and what not. And would stand in front of the mirror hoping to see the beautiful baby bump as early as the second month (well, I cognized that I am pregnant that late).

So, sharing here my journey, well catch up some tea and coffee peeps and stay glued!

The First Trimester 0-12 weeks

Discovering that I was pregnant was like a tornado of emotions. I didn’t feel any different despite several positive tests. Hearing the first heartbeat at an early scan (8 weeks!) made me realize shit! This is real. I never had morning sickness, but yes, I felt so sleepy, like a grizzly bear cowering afternoon naps, and more naps, literally always napping. It was indeed a struggle to keep my eyes open. Having no previous experience of this amount of tiredness, irrational, emotional, would say always weeping you could be in this trimester. Added to it there was a wedding in the family.

This trimester I always felt was the longest, though I discovered it in the 8thweek. I was eagerly waiting for my 12th-week scan. I never knew how these little cells became so important for me. How the stories of miscarriages and complications horror you. Though it is being said that until 12 weeks you are in the danger zone, but speaking out of my personal experience the truth is the entire pregnancy is. The key here is to keep your calm and think positive and listen to your doctor.


  • Start using a stretch marks cream and make it your routine. I used bio oil.
  • Take your folic and other recommended medicine as per the medical practitioner daily.
  • Think about buying some new innerwear and comfortable dresses.
  • Download the various pregnancy tracking apps. I was particularly crazy about Ovia (where every week baby was compared to a vegetable :p) and BabyCenter.

Second Trimester 13-28 weeks

Felling the baby kicks for the first time is an out of the world experience. I was listening to my favorite songs when I felt something fluttering. I thought it must be my stomach, something I ate wrong, silly! But then the baby kicked again! And hey that was an awesome feeling.

And, the bloated tummy which I proudly flaunted in the first trimester gave way to a perfect rounded bump. Which meant shopping maternity clothes (that’s my favorite thing 😊). Hubby mustn’t be happy about it. I strolled across the Mom& Me, Mothercare, and what not stores. But from my experience, I would recommend new expecting mothers not to buy too much of maternity wear. You can simply buy some decent comfortable tops, jeggings, and kurta that can help you later while feeding the baby too.

During my 20th week, I was put on some injections as my doctor suspected low fetus growth. That was a bit painful part of my journey.


  • Plan a babymoon. However, I took it in my last trimester (which is totally non-advisable).
  • Watch yourself grow (bump) and enjoy every moment of it.
  • At this stage, you can also join a prenatal fitness class or yoga. It not only relaxes the strained muscles due to pressure but also keeps your mood uplifted.

    Third trimester 28-39 weeks

    Getting closer to the birthing. Reaching the third trimester always seemed like a lifetime. But now as I entered the stage I feel like is it real? Many questions popped into my mind. Am I ready? Scared! Aargh, let’s face it.

    I became so huge. I couldn’t sleep straight, couldn’t sleep by my side. And yes, I took my babymoon too during this time. We went to Agra. No special reason but for that, it is nearest to Delhi. It was a fun time we spent as we knew we would be busy after a few weeks.

    I had a planned C-section. Yes, I just wasn’t prepared for a vaginal birth so I with my husband asked my doctor for a C-section. So, I knew when I’m going to meet my munchkin. Did my maternity shoot a week before I delivered (did a previous when I was 7 months pregnant) Did my last-minute shopping, etc. 


  • Start thinking about birthing options and discuss it with your partner.
  • Spend more quality time with your partner.
  • Read a good book, take some walk, do whatever makes you happy, eat well.
  • Next step, meeting your little one. Yes!    Well, there’s a lot of funny stories about my pregnancy which I will share through a sub-blog. Meanwhile, everyone please like, comment, and share if you like the write-up.
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