Monsoon is the season which gives great respite from the scorching sun of the summers. On the other hand, it is also a harbinger of various skin problems, due to the weather fluctuations. Heat, humidity, dirt and grime can leave the skin vulnerable to various problems. Therefore it is very important to take extra care of the skin during monsoons. Well, a glowing skin in monsoon is everyone’s dream, which needs some care.

Here are the few very simple tips which are very less time consuming but may help you get a great skin during monsoons.

  • Cleansing: Monsoon is the season when the skin attracts the maximum impurities due to the humidity. Wash your face at least 2- 3 times a day, using a mild face wash. Don’t rub the towel too hard on your face, as repeatedly doing so would render your skin dry, just dab it on your face gently.
  • Exfoliation: To remove the grime and dirt accumulated due to the humid weather, exfoliation of skin is very necessary. Use papaya scrub if you are going for a readymade scrub. Or you can make your own scrub at home. A simple blend of sugar and honey will serve the purpose. But don’t exfoliate your skin for more than twice a week. Also don’t rub it hard or for more than two minutes as it may damage your skin. Exfoliation done in a proper way will give your face a clean, smooth texture with a radiance.
  • Moisturization: While its hot and humid most of us choose to skip moisturiser during monsoons. That can have adverse effects on the skin. Continuous washing of the face may rob the skin of its moisture. So apply the moisturiser after a bath and go for ones which are less greasy to get a glowing look. Use water based moisturisers to keep the oil secretion under control.
  • Makeup: The routine makeup during monsoons should be kept subtle and minimal, as the layers of the makeup would block the pores and render the skin unbreathable. Use waterproof products which don’t get smudged and spoilt because of the sweat or humidity. Gel based eyeliners are in vogue because of the smudge proof factor. Just dab a little of the lip gloss on the lips to give it a soft glow. Before going to bed don’t forget to remove the makeup, as the dirt and sweat caught in the makeup can accumulate in the pores leading to various skin problems. Don’t be too harsh while removing the makeup. Soak a cotton ball in coconut oil and carefully and gently rub over the makeup. Even the dense and greasy mascara and liners would come away very easily. Then wash the face with lukewarm water. A little effort before going to bed would give you the fresh and clear skin for the next morning.
  • Sunscreens: Even though it’s mostly cloudy outside, still the UV rays of the sun can penetrate your skin and damage it. So don’t skip the sunscreen. Apply your usual SPF 30 and step out confidently with a protected skin.
  • Healthy Diet: Healthy diet in all seasons is a must for a naturally glowing skin. Reduce intake of oily and junk foods as it may lead to acne breakout. Include more fresh veggies and fruits in your diet. Yogurt has a cooling effect and is beneficial for the health and skin and is highly recommended.
  • Proper care of feet: Wear breathable open foot wear in the monsoons. Staying too long in shoes and boots may retain the moisture and grime in your feet thereby leading to fungal infections. Clean and dry your feet as soon as you can if it gets wet. Don’t forget to clean between the toes as the softer areas are the perfect host for skin diseases causing germs.
  • Home made face masks: Do not rely too much on the cosmetic products for your skin. The chemicals may harm your skin while it can also prove to be heavy on your wallet. Make some easy and simple face packs at home using the ingredients easily available, depending on your skin type. You can make a face pack of oatmeals, honey and curd which is very effective in sweeping away dead cells and rejuvenating the skin. Or you can use a sandalwood face pack mixed with rosewater which is suitable for all skin types, heals the acnes and moisturises the dry skin.
  • Drink plenty of water: Well, this is a pro tip for getting a healthy and glowing skin. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, increase the intake of water and keep your skin hydrated. Water is essential to detoxify the body, consequently giving you a healthy skin. It is more important in monsoons as the body gets dehydrated by the constant perspiration.

Take a little time out of your hectic schedule for pampering yourself with these tips, which are very simple but mandatory to be included in your skin care regime which can give you a beautiful and flawless skin if observed regularly.

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  1. This is such an informative and essential write-up , It details each element of skincare regime , Will really help with my skin.

  2. Hi,

    How many times in a week can the DIY face mask be applied? I guess two-three times or more?

    Nice article, thank you for introducing me. Your review and comments are awaited on my blog post.

    1. yes at least once a week, but if you could use it twice it will show amazing results. The best part about DIY masks is that there is no chemical, it is inexpensive compared to other over the counter purchased masks, and may the results will take time but will be lasting.

  3. You have compiled some really good monsoon tips 🙂 I am a DIY lover and my favorite mask is Rice Flour + Turmeric + GramFlour = Glowing, Oil-free skin 🙂 in monsoon.

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