And Then There Were Three..

It brings me immense pleasure to participate in the blogathon celebrating womanhood over nine days of Navratri with 22 other bloggers. Today’s prompt is ‘my delivery and my baby’. I would like to thank Upasana you can read her take on the prompt today here.

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Well, to start with, I knew in the early days of my pregnancy, that I would, in all likelihood, would have the baby through a c-section. I even had a long discussion with my friends who had c-section delivery and I, to be honest, was shit scared about having a vaginal birth.

So, I would share some of my experiences with you all (please note all pregnancies are different and so the experiences are) to help you ease out your anxieties if you plan a c-section.

It was a planned c-section, and nothing of emergency. Both mom and baby were healthy, except for my high blood pressure and cord around the baby neck. I took the decision of having a scheduled c-section after discussing the pros and cons, I was just scared and horrified with the birth stories of a vaginal birth.

So, on 2nd of March 2015, I and Veenit arrived at the hospital, three hours prior to the time appointed. I wore my best dress, put some light makeup, straightened my locks (I was going to meet the baby after all). I was taken to a pre-room after the hospital registration. Where I was asked to change into the hospital gown and an IV was to be inserted. There was an emergency c-section just that time. So, the nurse whilst placing the IV tube left me in a hurry and a lot of blood came out. Another nurse came to my rescue and it was taken care of. However, due to that emergency c-section I needed to wait an extra 2 hours.

I was taken to the OT room at about 2 in the afternoon. My husband came in to say good luck to me and he left after 20 minutes. The room was a typical OT room, I was explained briefly about the process. And then was given the spinal shot, after which I hardly felt anything. A cath tube was inserted and the procedure began. It was like I was flying. The doctor checked if my lower body was numb (between I was awake all the while).

There were a lot of noises coming from different types of equipment. I was covered so I couldn’t see what was happening there. Then after about 30-35 minutes, I felt like someone was moving up, through my ribs, it was difficult to breathe. Then suddenly all the doctors came right there and they started pushing the chest. And then I finally heard the baby cry. I asked my Gynae what is it? She asked me (grinning) to guess. Then after few more seconds, they showed me, my baby. He was looking right at me. We had a moment of eye connection. I was also told that it’s a boy. Then he was taken out for the family to see, who had been waiting patiently all the while.

As I told earlier I was talking all the while, my doctor asked me to keep my mouth shut for a while so that she could clean all, remove the placenta, etc. (the blood pressure was high as well so she asked ;))

It was a lot of work that she did after the baby was out. I think they gave me a shot as well so that I sleep and they could finish it quickly.

After that, I was shifted to the family room where everybody could meet me. I was lying flat on the bed, my husband bought the baby to me. I could barely hold him as it was difficult lying flat. The doctors asked me to move my legs in the evening. And was made to sit the other day. So, grabbing the opportunity I combed my hair and took a hospital selfie.

The other day cathedral was removed and I was asked to walk to the washroom. Skeptical at first, it is indeed funny if I tell you I was scared that my stomach would open at the cut if I stand or walk. But the nurse assured me that nothing will happen.

It was difficult initially, but believe me, if you could gather all your strength and will, you can do the regular routine like going to washroom etc. However, it did pain a little for a month or so but taking deep breaths before I would stand up from my bed or take a walk, things became normal pretty quick. So, my advice to all mommies confused between c-section or a vaginal birth, go with what your medical practitioner has to say, and by your own comfortable self.

On the 3rd day I was discharged from the hospital and we came home as three…

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7 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three..”

  1. Absolutely Uttara.. all the pregnancies are different n totally agreed that one should choose a birth method with which both mother n doc are most comfortable !

  2. Congrats on making the right decision for you, mama! You’re right, there aren’t many fair representations of a healthy C-sec birth. Good to hear another perspective.

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